Tiny Towns: Fortune Expansion (EN)


The smaller creatures of the forest have created a civilization free of predators, and they look to you as mayor to guide their growing and thriving town. However, the area is small, and resources are scarce. The clever use of limited resources will determine the most successful tiny town.

In the expansion Tiny Towns: Fortune, the creatures of the forest have found a way to trick each other into thinking shiny bits of metal have arbitrary value. It’s very useful — so much so that you can use this thing called “money” to get other creatures to give you almost anything in return for the right number of shiny bits. If only earning money weren’t so difficult!


“Does your game group like Tiny Towns? Well, then spice up your game night with the newest expansion, Fortune!”Punchboard Media

“To wrap it up, Tiny Towns: Fortune is a must have for anyone that has the base game. It is easy to teach, and yet, the cards seem to be even more thinky and challenging than they were before.”Board Game Gumbo

Tiny Towns Fortune adds some new mechanics, coins, and additional cards for any hamlet-building enthusiasts who can’t get enough of the original.” – Geeks Under Grace


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  1. Stefan Roest

    Een must voor de mensen die Tiny Towns een tikkeltje te lastig vonden. De munten inzetten als joker grondstoffen helpen dan enorm mee. Ook erg leuk voor de mensen die niet genoeg kunnen krijgen van Tiny Towns.

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