Forgotten Waters (EN)


Forgotten Waters is a Crossroads Game set in a world of fantastical pirate adventure. In it, players take on the role of pirates sailing together on a ship, attempting to further their own personal stories as well as a common goal.

The world  is silly and magical, with stories designed to encourage players to explore and laugh in delight as they interact with the world around them. It’s a game in which every choice can leave a lasting impact on the story, and players will want turn over every rock just to see what they find.

Features five scenarios and a massive location book that provides players with tons of choices wherever they go.


“A highly thematic and engaging story-driven game that will entertain bigger groups.”Boardgame Quest

“Forgotten Waters is a very immersive experience. Like most Plaid Hat Games, it has a strong emphasis on storytelling. I know not everyone enjoys games like this, but I definitely do.”Geeks under Grace

Forgotten Waters is the main feature for a game night. If you like pirates, story-driven gameplay, and player interaction, Forgotten Waters is the game for you.” – Geekdad


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