Paladins of the West Kingdom (EN) (Light Damage)

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This game is lightly damaged. Meaning that the box itself has some blemishes but there are no tears or holes in it. (This one is sun damaged so only the colors on the box are sun faded)

Paladins of the West Kingdom is set at a turbulent time of West Francia’s story, circa 900 AD. Despite recent efforts to develop the city, outlying townships are still under threat from outsiders. Saracens scout the borders, while Vikings plunder wealth and livestock. Even the Byzantines from the east have shown their darker side. As noble men and women, players must gather workers from the city to defend against enemies, build fortifications and spread faith throughout the land. Fortunately you are not alone. In his great wisdom, the King has sent his finest knights to help aid in our efforts. So ready the horses and sharpen the swords. The Paladins are approaching.

The aim of Paladins of the West Kingdom is to be the player with the most victory points (VP) at game’s end. Points are gained by building outposts and fortifications, commissioning monks and confronting outsiders. Each round, players will enlist the help of a specific Paladin and gather workers to carry out tasks. As the game progresses, players will slowly increase their faith, strength and influence. Not only will these affect their final score, but they will also determine the significance of their actions. The game is concluded at the end of the seventh round.


“Paladins of the West Kingdom is well worth checking out, especially if you want a very expansive, heavy game that takes up very little shelf space.”Nerdly

“Paladins of the West Kingdom is undoubtedly a gamer’s game–it’s accessible, but this style of strategy is something that might be intimidating to players more used to making just one or two decisions on their turn, or choosing between a handful of static options.”Dice Wife Life

“While the game can feel like a struggle to get through at first, its rules eventually become intuitive and turns speed up as players gain confidence. Much like the power of West Francia’s rulers was tested over more than a century of conflict, Paladins of the West Kingdom is best appreciated over time.”Dicebreaker


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